02 November 2010

Election Day Blues OR How I found Yog Sothoth and why he's in the Kentucky Senate race

So I sat down and read through Rand Paul and Jack Conway's viewpoints, giving myself the best overall understanding a person could in such a time frame...they're both fucking terrible. Jack Conway is a conservative liberal (which is fucking worthless if you desire change, it allows both a limp wrist on the rudder and a weak stomach in the trenches) and Rand Paul is a tea party conservative (which is like saying you're racist...because frankly the tea party is racist). Paul has me on the medical marijuana/gun control/repeal of the patriot act pieces & Conway has me on the medicare/hometown tax credit/abortion pieces. I will say the term "aqua buddha" has me wondering just how weird Rand Paul is...with no answer in site I'll just end this horseshit rant with a quote from Robert Anton Wilson because if he was still wandering this earth I'd write in a vote for him: "I was an anarchist for a long period of time. I'm not an anarchist any longer, because I've concluded that anarchism is an impractical ideal. Nowadays, I regard myself as a libertarian. I suppose an anarchist would say, paraphrasing what Marx said about agnostics being "frightened atheists," that libertarians are simply frightened anarchists. Having just stated the case for the opposition, I will go along and agree with them: yes, I am frightened. I'm a libertarian because I don't trust the people as much as anarchists do. I want to see government limited as much as possible; I would like to see it reduced back to where it was in Jefferson's time, or even smaller. But I would not like to see it abolished. I think the average American, if left totally free, would act exactly like Idi Amin. I don't trust the people any more than I trust the government."

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